Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I have at last laid down the dry-erase marker, turned off the overhead projector, stopped making Power Points, and archived my lecture notes. After 38 years of pedagogy at an independent boarding school, I am leaving the teaching of European History to others and have moved off campus--only about a thousand yards--to a decent apartment.

It all seems very strange to be in the much-touted ‘real world’. I just paid my first electric bill. I must pay for food and prepare it myself. My life will no longer be regulated by the ringing of bells and the decrees of various administrators. Such things will take getting used to.

However, I am not retiring from writing. I hope to post more regularly here. I will be making efforts to publicize my books--which is one purpose of this blog--in any way I can devise. What span of years is yet allotted to me I do not know, but it is my hope to use them partly to encourage the reading of the Mercenaries series and of And Gladly Teach and Hodgepodge. I hope indeed to write more books, if sales of those already out increase substantially. Perhaps some YouTube videos about history?

If you have not sampled my books, why not start today?

And here is “Libby’s Last Lecture”:     

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