Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wanna Buy A Book?


To clarify the status of my books:

1)  And Gladly Teach is available in print at online sellers and as an ebook.

2)  Hodgepodge likewise.

3)  Storm Approaching (Part I of the Mercenaries series) is available in its final revised edition on Amazon KDP both as a printed book and as an ebook.

4)  Gold and Glory (Part II) likewise.

5 & 6)   Resolution (Part III)  and The Free Lands (Part IV) are available as printed books at online sellers. I have revised both books--but there are no major changes in plot or events--and will be publishing the new editions m on Amazon KDP as both print and ebooks when I can afford to, which will, I hope, be during this year, 2021.

Should anyone have difficulties in obtaining any of the books, please let me know. And if you don’t have difficulties, let me know that too--it would be so nice to sell some. (Since publishing them I have sold a few hundred copies, but not recently.) 

You can learn more about these fine works on this site or via my Facebook book page (Facebook.com/blibby600). YouTube videos are also available:

Storm Approaching:    https://youtu.be/GjlyGbBkTbc    

And Gladly Teach:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IukjbheqL7g&t=13s  

Hodgepodge:     https://youtu.be/mHgsTL-wWzA