Sunday, August 9, 2015

Books, Anyone?

My abilities are as a writer, however humble, certainly exceed my ablities as a businessman. I have been urging folks to buy my books but have not for a long time posted information on their prices if ordered from me. (You may of course get them from So here is a list for anyone who would like to order signed copies from the author. (Prices include postage).
       Brian Libby / 200 Heritage Place / Apt. 220 / Faribault, MN 55021  
Storm Approaching - $17
Gold and Glory - $20
Resolution - $20
The Free Lands - $23

And Gladly Teach - $15
Hodgepodge - $10

I encourage you to browse this blog for information on, and excerpts from, the books. There is, for example, an informative flyer at March, 2014.