Sunday, March 29, 2020

Words (1)

A word that has become almost intolerable in the last few days is “epicenter”. The word has a specialized meaning in geology but is otherwise identical to the word “center”. Apparently some journalists think that “epicenter” adds vim and verve to their articles, that an ‘epicenter’ is somehow more than a center, as if such a thing were possible. If these miscreants feel the need to adorn their feeble prose with tinsel, maybe they should use “locus”. Grrr. Bah, humbug.

Monday, March 23, 2020


During the Egyptian Campaign (1799) plague broke out in the French army. To calm the growing panic the commanding general visited a hospital and touched a victim to show that not everyone would be infected. This event was immortalized by Antoine-Jean Gros in his 1804 painting "Napoleon in the Pest House at Jaffa". May we look forward to modern equivalents of this heroism amidst our current pandemic, perhaps "Trump Dines At A Restaurant," "Trudeau Shops for Toilet Paper," or "Macron Walks Outside His House"? 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

TO READ (or not to read?)

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Read! Happy New Year! An excellent resolution for 2020 would be to read (or at least to buy) the Mercenaries series, not to mention And Gladly Teach and Hodgepodge

If I had a penny for every one of my books sold in 2019, I would have… very few pennies. Nonetheless, I persevere. The adventures of Andiriel and company are well worth following. Read them! If you like them, tell your friends! If you dislike them, buy more and give them to your enemies!   

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hear Ye!

If you would like some information on my books, but do not wish to go to the trouble of finding the various excerpts on this blog, why not watch these brief videos?

Storm Approaching:       

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


After much thought, I have tentatively concluded that a society that thinks it necessary to print on plastic bags warnings against sticking your own or your children’s heads in them is a society so far gone down the path of infantilism and idiocy that it should probably stick its own collective head in a plastic bag and put an end to itself.

Similarly, monitions that things cooked in ovens are hot, that bread contains wheat, or, on a bag of peanuts, that “this product is packaged on shared equipment with peanuts…”, suggest that government agencies are staffed by persons who believe the populace to be imbeciles and that, since the public puts up with these 'warnings', the agencies may be right.

Bah, humbug! 

Friday, July 5, 2019


I have issued a new edition of Storm Approaching, the first book in the MERCENARIES series. The main change is simply an increase in the font size, since some readers have suggested the 10-point type was a bit small. The book now has 353 pages instead of 260 but the word count is almost the same. However, I made small changes throughout, and one chapter (16, “Eloquence”) was extensively revised. Storm Approaching is available both in print as an an e-book.


Monday, December 31, 2018

A Good Read To Lean Upon

The dawn of a New Year--may it be a happy one for you!--is a good time to remind visitors that the main purpose of this blog is to advertise my literary efforts. I have self-published six books. Chief among them are the four volumes of the MERCENARIES series:

 I:  Storm Approaching

II: Gold and Glory

III: Resolution

IV: The Free Lands

The first three are a connected series; the fourth is a stand-alone, but should be read only after reading the first three.

How to sum them up? This blog contains excerpts and other information, but here is a poem about Volume One:

No magic swords or mighty rings,
No orphans who are really kings,
No elves or dwarfs or prophecies;
No ghouls or vampires, if you please.
A mercenary regiment,
Its men (and women), where it’s sent;
Its training, tactics, work, and play;
A growing threat (still far away);
That’s Storm Approaching. KIndly look
At this self-published, worthwhile book.

 There are also:

And Gladly Teach, a satirical novel about a fictional boarding school, and

Hodgepodge, a collection of humorous essays on many topics.

Why not try one (or two)? They’re really pretty good. J