Thursday, December 12, 2013

Festina Lente

While The Free Lands will not be available in time for Christmas, nor, I think, for New Year's Day, I have every hope for a release just in time for Epiphany.  I have compelted the first set of corrections to the proof and my publisher is at work putting them in.

If there is anyone who actually wants to buy a copy from me--the book will of course be available through and other online retailers--please let me know. (I do not have a price for it yet--I imagine it will be around $20.)


  1. I will buy it in whichever format ensures you the greatest net $$ to apply to writing future books. Please advise. Hopefully, someday they will all be available in kindle format

    1. I will post a price as soon as I have one. I received the first corrected proof yesterday and got through half of it today. I hope to have it back to the publisher by Tuesday. I too hope to have all my books on Kindle eventually. At present, three of them are: Storm Approaching, And Gladly Teach, and Miscellanea.